Yamaha CS665A Cymbals Stand with Short Boom & Double-braced Legs (CS665A/CS 665A/ CS-665A)


Yamaha CS665A Cymbals Stand (CS665A/CS 665A/ CS-665A)


  • 1x Yamaha Cymbal Stand (CS665A)
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  • -Offset Tilter
    • The offset tilter stores parallel to the pipe making transport easy and preventing damage. This tilter is used in the 600 series, which is noted for its light, compact design.
  • -Small Wing Nut, Tilter Sleeve & Felt
    • A polycarbonate tilter sleeve encases just enough of the head bolt to provide optimum securing of the cymbal. Utilization of a wing nut lets you play the cymbal bell without it getting in the way of the stick.
  • -Tight & Secure
    • Specially designed by Yamaha, the nylon bushing holds the pipe firmly in place even when lightly tightened. Since the wing bolt is tightened through a steel nut, the durability of the bolt is increased.