FIFINE K037B Wireless Microphone System, Wireless Microphone Set with Headset and Lavalier Lapel Mics


FIFINE K037B Wireless Microphone System, Wireless Microphone Set with Headset and Lavalier Lapel Mics, Beltpack Transmitter and Receiver, Ideal for Teaching, Preaching and Public Speaking Applications (K-037B)


  • FIFINE K037B Wireless Microphone System Set

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  • Preparation for gig or video filming becomes much easier
    • Plug & Play on camera/digital recorder via the included adapter for video recording
    • Hook up directly with PA speaker, amplifier, mixer (any device that allows 1/4″ input) for live event.
    • Battery-power provides the greatest convenience for using outdoor.
    • The most generic 2 AA batteries for belt-pack transmitter and 2 AAA ones for receiver can last for 4 hours.
    • For setup with computer for video conferencing, FIFINE K031B is better suited.
  • Versatility cannot be beat
    • Head-worn mic fits securely for high intensity aerobics, Yoga tutorial and stage performers.
    • Clip-on mic with secret feature is optimized for worship, presentation, YouTube video, etc.
  • Let audience hear with clarity
    • In-born high sensitivity ensures good clarity. No over-boost audio, no distortion.
    • It comes in helpful when using with camera. No bulky DSLR pre-amp is needed to get loud signal.
    • Cardioid pattern does an excellent job at reducing noise, especially background sound.
    • Audiences will not notice the mic but will be impressed by its clear sound!
  • Great features for outdoor usage
    • Easy-to-read LCD screen shows battery life and frequency. Noticeable receiver light indicates status.
    • You will be more responsive when cutout or dropout happens and change battery or frequency in a second.
    • UHF (Ultra High Frequency) gets longer range and powerful signal than the Bluetooth does.
    • Obstacle in 60 feet cannot spoil audio transmission. Movement is under no restriction now!
    • 20 selectable frequency channels ensure conflict-free performance in less perfect environment.