Aquila 1C Alchemia Normal Classical Guitar Strings


1C ALCHEMIA NORMAL Classical Guitar String Until the mid-20th century all Treble guitar strings were made in gut, a material that had been used for thousand of years and that combines good promptness of attack and excellent performances . A fundamental aim of our research has therefore been to design a new synthetic product having the same acoustic properties as gut without its typical defects (high cost, short lifetime, high instability under moisture changes). Our New Nylgut® has precisely all these good qualities without all these defects.


  • Aquila 1C ALCHEMIA NORMAL Classical Guitar String

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  • Its features include promptness of attack
  • Excellent performances and a truly remarkable stability of intonation under moisture changes.
  • The Alchemia Basses are wound with of genuine pure silver that ensures the highest possible response in terms of performances
  • Lower interference from finger noise and long lifetime.
  • The wound strings have also been designed according to the principle – absolutely new – of progressively increasing the dynamic performance of the bass register to compensate for the human ear’s natural tendency to perceive lower frequencies less audibly.